Monday, October 5, 2009

Too Faced LOVE

Sorry for the Hiatus, really have not posted in.. FOREVER but I found something I just had to rave about.

During my recent troll through Sephora I discovered the Limited Edition Queen for a Day Bag. Now normally I tend to shy away from these they tend to contain the lines crappiest products, but this set is gorgeous! The bag it comes in is also adorable and has already earned a perminant spot in my purse.

Now I love this set for many reasons, here they are in no particular order:

1. I am about as pale as it gets, so this bronzer is really nice for winter.

2. The pink lipstick is such a gorgeous nude/pink it goes on with a hint of shimmer, but this can be toned down by a little lip balm.

3. HELLOOO the pink bag with the pretty design on it.

4. The eyeshadows are very soft and easily wearable. Besides the one in the top right corner.Its quite possibley the uglies eye shadow ever made. I mean this literally.

5. It comes with all the essentials you already need for your purse.

6. I love sets!! ha ha

So there you have it people. Thats my little rave of the day. The only downful I could find with the set is that it was pricey $58.00 bucks but if you bought it all seperately it would be way more! I think this would make an awesome gift/stocking stuffer if your already doing the christmas shop thing.

Anyways let me know what you thought of this or if you purchased it!